Conklin Direct-Feed Microbial Supplements

Glenayr Farm is an authorized dealer of Conklin Fastrack®, a direct-feed natural microbial supplement that ensures that animals get the benefit of correct intestinal bacterial flora.

Just like humans, animals benefit from the correct balance of digestive bacteria.  These microbes are part of the normal flora of the intestines, and are critical to proper digestion, nutrient uptake, growth and immune system health.  Unfortunately, because of what animals (and humans) eat these days, and other factors in how we live, it’s harder to get the right proportion of these beneficial microbes.  The use of antibiotics, commercial feeds and modern animal husbandry practices often depletes these microbes, leaving the animal at less than its optimum health.

Conklin Fastrack ProductsProbiotic supplements are not a medicine or drug.  They are a carefully prepared and orally administered inoculate of the bacterial your animal needs to survive and thrive.

Glenayr Farm is committed to the use of organic Conklin Fastrack for its dog breeding operation and has seen the results – dogs that are healthier, happier, and grow to be much better companion and show animals.  The Conklin Company has a track record for developing these natural supplements for all types of animals, from cattle to horses to pets and birds.

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Conklin Products

"I was travelling to a dog show in Minnesota with Hunter, the Airedale who I was showing all weekend.  Hunter became ill from the travelling and started having diarrhea.  I called Tim to order Fastrack ASAP to me.  I received the Fastrack and gave it to Hunter with his food.  Hunter's diarrhea went away, plus he won a Terrier Group 1 at the show.  After that weekend, I make sure I have Fastrack on hand whenever I go to the dog shows."

- Jaime Koskowski,
Toms River, NJ.