Passion With A Plan

Glenayr Farm was established by Timothy Maher and Peggy Frye, who found the perfect place to breed champion show dogs in rural Virginia.  The couple met in 1995 playing together in a hockey game both have been lifelong fans and players of the sport.

The story of how Tim and Peggy pursued their passion for a farm-centered, natural dog breeding operation has many interesting twists and turns.  The couple had a successful Airedale breeding operation in New York before relocating to Virginia in 2008, but longed for the space to try a different approach a more natural way of breeding and raising dogs.

We loved New York, says Peggy, but we were tired of the bustle of the area and crowded space.  It was our dream to find a place in the rural countryside and try to raise our dogs closer to the earth, with a back-to-nature approach.  For years it was all just a dream for us.

Originally from Louisiana, Peggy has had a long and successful career as a Certified Financial Planner and Life Planner (and two degrees in education).  As part of her career she helped many others attain their financial and life dreams.  Eventually she came face to face with the fact that she and Tim's own dreams were not moving forward.  The two decided to develop their own life plan, and then set out to make it come true.  Little did they know at the time that their new path would carry them hundreds of miles south to Virginia's lovely Piedmont.

The couple looked at several locations before stumbling on a farm in Virginia that had everything they wanted but needed a little tender loving care.  Tim, a former United States Post Office letter carrier from upstate New York (with a degree in meteorology and credentials in sports management), wasn't sure how his life skills would come into play at Glenayr Farm, but it didn't take long to find out.

A postman has to connect with his people, Tim says.  I really became good at that during my years of taking customer service door to door as a letter carrier.  Those skills have proved invaluable in establishing Glenayr Farm and growing the business.

A natural people person, Tim quickly became connected in Madison County, Virginia.  Knowing the farm's success would depend in large part on the relationships they developed around them, Tim and Peggy planned picnic gathering for neighbors at the farm, introducing themselves to locals in the area and explaining what they hoped to do with the farm.  The word soon spread, and pretty soon they were plugged into the community and taking advantage of the generous help of others to get the farm off the ground.

They are currently restoring the buildings, cleaning up the property and making serious improvements, while getting their relocated breeding operation up to speed.

Today Tim maintains the farm on a day-to-day basis, overseeing the dog breeding operation and Conklin product sales.  Peggy usually conducts site visits herself, to assure that Glenayr's puppies go to a good home, and still maintains her financial and life planning clients as her day job.

Peggy has actively shown dogs all her life. She has exhibited at Westminster Kennel Club and Montgomery County Kennel Club, the Superbowl of terrier shows.

A New Vision

Following a popular go natural trend that is growing across the country, the couple wanted to adapt it to dog breeding.

There's a growing organic and buy local movement out there, says Tim.  People are interested in eating healthier and getting back to the earth in a natural way.  Peggy and I yearned to live in a more genuine way ourselves, and we thought, why not the dogs, too?

What makes Glenayr Airedales superior goes way beyond genetics and skilled breeding.  Tim and Peggy say it's the environment.  Naturally raised dogs are happy and healthy dogs, and people can sense it when they look at Glenayr's puppies.  The farm's customers know that its dogs have been raised in wide-open spaces and have had a good upbringing.

As part of their own natural approach to raising quality dogs, they wanted to share their success with other animal owners. Part of that is selling Conklin Fastrack® probiotics for animals.

We've been breeding and showing award-winning dogs for a long time, and we've seen firsthand the amazing difference these products make in the health and wellbeing of our dogs, Tim says.  Since we're committed to Conklin products, our farm has become a dealer, sharing this success with others.

Looking Ahead

Both Tim and Peggy are very interested in the concept of rotational grazing, and hope to begin using Glenayr Farm's land in this way in the near future.  Rotational grazing stresses the cycling of the land through different animal grazers.  For example, after a year of cattle grazing, the land may be turned over to chickens, which clean up and enrich the pasture.  This is a natural way to keep the land healthy.

Airedale Terrier Champion Dog